Magical tricks- the enchanted basics of togetherness

You live in a relationship and everything is fine. Nearly all, there little stumbling stones from time to time, we are making you sad and angry.


Okay, we all know, life is not perfect. And that’s the main topic in this workshop.




Life doesn’t need to be perfect, it has to be real.




With the stumbling stones in your way you also can build something beautiful.



Okay, good, but what are stumbling stones really? How to cope with stumbling stones?


Stumbling stones are individual, like humans. But the solution is easy.

Following topics were put into light:


-         Stumbling stones

-         Expectations

-         Your own drama

-         Result

-         The weight of stumbling stones

-         Appreciation

-         Perception

-         Result


Logical, not?


Let me guide you through this jungle, we are going to laugh a lot, meeting AHA and WOW effects, and shake one’s head quite often.


You will use the tricks with enormous joy, not needing a top hat. Your white rabbits and bouquet of flowers are going to be your secret weapon.


I’m delighted to enjoy a magical day with you, full of tricks and tips.


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Intense Training

The basics of a self developed technique to love life and appreciate it. Saying yes to yourself and the world.

Workshop for Singles

Partner requested or how to become a happy single. 

An unforgettable day with a lot of tips, hints and pinches.

Workshop for Pairs / individuals

How you treat each  other, for a longtime relationship and being happy in it. 

Cheated with WOW effects and laughter, definitely having fun.

being you in your relationship

A funny and valuable workshop in self-discovery in a partnership. Stay the person you are and enjoy your relationship.