Help, partner requested or how to become a happy single

Are you asking yourself often these questions?


-          Why nobody wants to be with me? Or at least someone I like, too?

-          What can I do, to be more attractive?

-          Why only the assholes are finding the best partners?

-          Why I am not happy alone, others are happy, too?

-          Do I value something as a single?

-          Do I not be enough awesome, handsome and attractive?

-          Are my expectations to high?


So welcome to the workshop, you are right here.


In a exciting and enlightening day program your questions are going to be answered. And not only that, we are gathering solutions for them.


With fun we are tracking your issues and win insights, which are challenging and adapting your present thinking.


What you need to bring with you? The desire to change your current status and the joy to make moves in a new direction.


Interested? So have a look at dates / prices



Intense Training

The basics of a self developed technique to love life and appreciate it. Saying yes to yourself and the world.


Workshop for Pairs / individuals

How you treat each  other, for a longtime relationship and being happy in it. 

Cheated with WOW effects and laughter, definitely having fun.

being you in your relationship

A funny and valuable workshop in self-discovery in a partnership. Stay the person you are and enjoy your relationship.


secret tipps for relationships

No, it's not witchcraft, But indeed effectual.

The enchanted basics of togetherness.