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I can really call me lucky, that i can give workshop in the alpine hut Glattalp (link), during the summer. 

The alp Glattalp is in the farest corner of the Muotathal valley, trough Bisisthal, from the valley station up to the alp. 

An amazing scene, where tranquility and the beauty of the nature are given.  


Kristall-Insel Frauenfeld

Mara and I are friends since ever and back.  I can use Mara's great place in Frauenfeld, for my workshops.

The room is lovely decorated and the position is perfect.


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Mimamu, Metallstrasse 8 at Zug

In Zug I can share the lovely musicschool-rooms from Andrea Marisa Gätzi-Pellanda. It is the perfect place for my workshops and I am happy, that I can do them in my new living area. 

Intense Training

The basics of a self developed technique to love life and appreciate it. Saying yes to yourself and the world.

Workshop for Singles

Partner requested or how to become a happy single. 

An unforgettable day with a lot of tips, hints and pinches.

Workshop for Pairs / individuals

How you treat each  other, for a longtime relationship and being happy in it. 

Cheated with WOW effects and laughter, definitely having fun.

being yourself in your relationship

A funny and valuable workshop in self-discovery in a partnership. Stay the person you are and enjoy your relationship.

secret tipps for realtionships

No, it's not witchcraft, But indeed effectual.

The enchanted basics of togetherness.