about me

A chaotically girl, with a huge heart, energy for two people, ideas for more than one life and pockets full of optimism.

That’s how my surrounding is describing me, and they are right.


I am born in a really good vintage and standing with both legs in my life. I work as a purchaser, studying Spiritualism and mediumship in England, temporary stuff in summertime at my partner’s alpine restaurant, and helping in our household.


I love nature, like to travel, multi sided interested, loving good chats and conversation, like to cook and eat. A glass of wine, prosecco or sometimes a little whisky belongs to chill and feeling comfortable.


Our sweet home is at the beautiful lake Aegeri, were we, my partner Michi, our cats Macho, Skye and Beetle, feeling at home. Definitely an important factor for contentment, which is not to be ignored.


I love life and going to give every day the chance to surprise me over and over again. It’s lying in my hands, what I make of it, what life is bringing me.


My qualification as  motivation coach?


There aren’t certificates which are supporting me. It’s the life, I’m living. My experiences which catapulted me in my today life, were and are my teachers.


This knowledge I want to share with you, because it’s worth, to appreciate life. If it doesn’t really present it like this, there is every time something to learn.


Especially because it’s you who is blotting your life with color, it makes sense that they are your favorite ones.


Okay, lets color up your life, that you can every time fulfilling and beautify your picture. 


Intense Training

The basics of a self developed technique to love life and appreciate it. Saying yes to yourself and the world.

Workshop für Singles

Partner requested or how to become a happy single. 

An unforgettable day with a lot of tips, hints and pinches.

Workshop für Paare / Einzeln

How you treat each  other, for a longtime relationship and being happy in it. 


Cheated with WOW effects and laughter, definitely having fun.

Sich selber sein in der Beziehung

A funny and valuable workshop in self-discovery in a partnership. Stay the person you are and enjoy your relationship.


geheime Tricks in Beziehungen

No, it's not witchcraft, But indeed effectual.

The enchanted basics of togetherness.