Are you asking in society, the drawing next is quite relevant. They are the parameters for luck.


Luck is definite individual, for one person this is more important, for another person that. That’s perfectly right like this, as we are all unique. We are like snowflakes, there is no clone of us, not even twins ore triplets are the same.



But then, what is a lucky life? What we need to be happy?

For me the following things are needed to be happy:


-          A positive approach to everything

-          The belief in good and everything

-          A flexible view of life

-          EASY GO & RISE technique

-          Me


How did I found it out?


My life


Why I want to share and show you, how it works?


Because for me its a heartfelt desire. I am so thankful, that there where numerous stumbling blocks in my life. They are my learning lessons for a life in awareness. Many tutors were standing at my side and lend me back to the right pathway. Such a pillar and support I will be for you. Its worth every time for a positive location plan in life. 


Every person has the right to see the things, like they are, the sweeten up in your life. The lemons which are lying on your ways, keep them aside, for Tequila or lemonade.


I developed a technique "EASY GO & RISE", which I want to introduce you, how it can help you in  the most difficult situations, to see life positive. You can enjoy it, doesn’t matter what is happening.


Here my example:

Me 3 years ago                                                   me today


Drama queen, with tendency of an Oscar award             Drama queen, with consideration

Filled with bitterness                                              sweetened

Forsaken living will                                                wish to get older than 90 years

No goals anymore                                                 need to turn more the 90 years, busy

Assumed empty life                                               8 hours sleep is a long time

Unhappy                                                            on the top of the world, super happy


Why this?


This I’m going to explain you in my workshops or single coaching. Have a look around the different proposals.

Intense Training

The basics of a self developed technique to love life and appreciate it. Saying yes to yourself and the world.

Workshop for Singles

Partner requested or how to become a happy single. 

An unforgettable day with a lot of tips, hints and pinches.

Workshop for Pairs / Idnividuals

How you treat each  other, for a longtime relationship and being happy in it. 

Cheated with WOW effects and laughter, definitely having fun.

Being yourself in a relationship

A funny and valuable workshop in self-discovery in a partnership. Stay the person you are and enjoy your relationship.


secret tipps for relationships

No, it's not witchcraft, But indeed effectual.

The enchanted basics of togetherness.